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Weather forecast San Vigilio di Marebbe

Weather conditions in the Dolomites

The weather today: thursday, 02 February 2023

Very cloudy Temp. max 9 °CTemp. min 1 °C

Strong northerly currents over the Alps.

Snow on the main Alpine crest with focus on the Ahrntal mountains. In a weakened form, the precipitation will also spread further south. In the southern parts mostly sunny conditions. Strong northerly winds.

Maximum temperatures between 3° and 13°.

The weather tomorrow: friday, 03 Februar 2023

Cloudy Temp. max 13 °CTemp. min 1 °C

The northerly high-altitude current over the Alps is easing and there is a temporary improvement in the weather.

Clouds will pass through from the north, with the most sun in the south. Still windy, strongest gusts in Vinschgau and Wipptal. In the evening new snowfall starting in the very north, over night the precipitation will spread to the entire northern half of the region.

Quite mild, maximum temperatures from 7° to 15°.

The mountain weather today (Dolomites)

Cloudy, light snowfall Freezing quote: 1500 m Wind: heavy northwesterly

Strong northerly currents over the Alps.

Cloudy conditions and increasing snowfall during the day on the main Alpine ridge, with the heaviest snowfall in the Zilltertal Alps. On the southern mountain groups mostly dry with strong to stormy northwesterly winds.

The mountain weather tomorrow (Dolomites)

Cloudy Freezing quote: 2200 m Wind: strong northwesterly

The northerly high-altitude current over the Alps is easing and there is a temporary improvement in the weather.

Residual snow showers on the north-eastern mountains in the morning, then dry and partly sunny. New snowfall in the north in the evening. Strong winds, milder.

Evolution weather in South Tyrol: More snow in the North

On Saturday morning widespread precipitations, heaviest in the north while there is only little precipitation in the south. Snow line around 1000-1200 m. In the afternoon clouds breaking up from the south. Strong northerly wind. In the course of Sunday, new snowfall will start on the main ridge of the Alps, which will intensify until the evening and may also spread further south with the wind. In the night to Monday the precipitations will end and on Monday it will be sunny in then whole region. Still windy. On Tuesday mostly sunny with weakening winds. Decreasing temperatures.


Cloudy, sleet

T. max: 5 / 13 °C

T. min: -2 / 3 °C


Very cloudy

T. max: 5 / 12 °C

T. min: -5 / 3 °C


Partly cloudy

T. max: 3 / 11 °C

T. min: -8 / 1 °C


Partly cloudy

T. max: 2 / 9 °C

T. min: -12 / -1 °C


T. max: 2 / 9 °C

T. min: -12 / -1 °C

South Tyrol weather today

Weather Map South Tyrol today

South Tyrol weather tomorrow

Weather Map South Tyrol tomorrow
Source: © Weather Service Province Bolzano - South Tyrol